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cj riley <cjriley42@...>

Thanks for the reference. I will check the archives. I am sceptical of the
captive service theory. As a former Pittsburgher whose father worked for J&L I
would have to say shuttling coal tar between 2 steel mills makes little sense.
Coal tar was a valuable byproduct and would likely be used by a chemical plant.
Unless, as I often am, I am way off base.

CJ Riley

--- Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

On Dec 28, 2006, at 8:09 PM, cj riley wrote:

Hi guys,

Anyone know of a photo source for Jones & Laughlin Steel tank car in
I've seen shots when new, but I'm curious about weathering patterns and
spillage (coal tar).
CJ, there was a lengthy discussion of these cars, especially with
regard to paint and lettering, on this list earlier this year. See the
archives. Essentially, the evidence is that (1) they were in captive
service between two J&L plants in the Pittsburgh area, so they didn't
leave the immediate area in interchange, and (2) they were painted
aluminum only when new, and in later years were painted black with
white stenciling.

Richard Hendrickson

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