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The uses for coal tar aretruly vast. Waterproofing products of all kinds, wood
preservatives, medications, and more. I found one current company that was
importing coal tar in the millions of gallons.
I have always been facinated by industrial processes, in addition to railroads.


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I do believe there was once large scale use of Coal Tar Pitch as built-up
roofing bitumen. Both heated Coal Tar Pitch and/or Asphalt are used as the
hot black bitumen that is mopped with roofing felts to form a "low slope
built-up roof" (however they are never to be mixed on the same roof
application). I am just hazarding a guess, but the coal tar could be out
bound loads going to a roofing system manufacturer such as Koppers,
Johns-Manville or others. Roofing is certainly not as noble as chemical
feed stock for drugs and such, but there is certainly a whole neck of lot of
roofs out there that had coal tar pitch built-up roofs on them from the
1890's to the present.

Charles D. Shope
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I have done some further research on coal tar, but not yet enough to be
sure. I
would have believed that Koppers (another Pgh business) would have used the
coal tar in their wood preservative business (creosote) but I found they had
their own coke plant in Monesson.

Since th Kanawha serves WVA's "Chemical Valley" I have been hoping for a
justification. I'll keep looking.

BTW, I opened my Champ decal set and it was silver for a black car.

CJ Riley

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