Re: flats

Bruce Smith

On Sat, December 30, 2006 6:10 am, Ted Culotta wrote:
Well, Mr. Riley, am I glad to know you... why don't you mosey over to
the link below to find a genuine NH flat car never offered before!

For everyone else, it's the NH 17200 series flat car built in 1937 on
welded underframes supplied by Bethlehem. It's a real must have (wink,
They certainly are! An absolute must have for Brianna, the listmaster's
favorite, now 8 year old, steam era New Haven modeler <VBG>. She found
hers under the tree. Her daddy found one for himself there too ;^)

While the NH flat fleet was not huge, they were part of a national fleet
during WWII, and the severe shortage of 70 ton flats make these
particularly important cars that would most likely have been heavily used
to transport US M4 Sherman tanks. Thus, this is a car that might
logically show up more frequently than its overall numbers would imply
anywhere that this traffic was seen. In peacetime, they might logically
carry heavy loads from Pratt & Whitney anywhere in the US, as seen in "A
Great Railroad at Work".


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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