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Ted Culotta <ted@...>

If I had caught up with my email before posting, I would have seen this.
Shawn's description is the Feddersen article (so I was wrong... it's a 104
instead of a 105 :-) )

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Tony Thompson wrote:

You are thinking of a tank like an ICC 104, Shawn,
not the pressure tank of the ICC 105 type which
the Athearn was apparently aimed at. In these high
pressure tanks, there is no expansion dome as such.
The part that sticks up is, as Richard mentioned,
really a valve casing, with controls inside for
loading and unloading operations.
I understand your point, Tony, and I too feel that the
Athearn kit is a crude attempt at an ICC-105 pressure
car. But if I'm interpreting Richard correctly(and who
knows, I may not be)what he was suggesting was to try
and turn the kit into an ICC-104 insulated car by
discarding the valve casing and shortening the tank.
Granted, the tank may be too large in diameter anyway.
I don't know how many 11,000 gallon tank cars were made
out there in the real world, insulated or not. Making
the proper dome might not be so hard, but if the tank
is too large, all that effort would be for nothing.

Shawn Beckert

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