Re: ADMIN: Frt train speeds discussion

Schuyler Larrabee

Mike, Malcolm's original query specified EARLY diseasels as well as steam. I agree that we
shouldn't be talking about Alco C424s, but a brace of FAs might well be prior to 1960.

SGL (risking another jail term, I suppose. Does it help that I was just drooling over a color photo
of an ERIE USRA Heavy 2-10-2?)

OK, guys. Frt train speeds seem as much within scope as
discussion about the
travels, population and carrying habits of their cars...Which
has been
accepted as in scope. However, that holds true only with
regard to Steam Era
frt trains. That means discussions about post 1960 frt trains
are not in
scope. Simple as that.

Mike Brock

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