UP #9100-9229 and RI #20000-84 series 40' express boxcar conversion info request #9100-9229 #20000-84


I have been reading Cape and McKeen's nicely done "The Ghost Trains of
the SP's Overland Route: Train Nos. 21-22,Mail, 1947-67" which focuses
on this lesser known SP mail train operating Oakland-Ogden.

The author's mention that various RR's boxcars were converted to
express boxcars for mail storage etc. service and that SP trainmen
were on the lookout for such cars as they resulted in a higher pay
rate for the crew when found in the train's consist. There is a nice
listing of such cars in the book.

In particular I am interested in detail/modelling information or
photos of UP 40' DD steel ACR boxcar series#9100-9229 and Rock Island
40' SD steel boxcar series#20000-20050, 20060-84.

Any help would be appreciated. Happy New Year!
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC Canada

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