Re: LV 63000 series boxcars

Ed Hawkins

On Dec 31, 2006, at 8:22 PM, Brian J Carlson wrote:

I building some branchline models of the LV 63000 series boxcars. I
photographed some similar cars still in existence in Manchester NY
year. I am looking for information on the roofwalk. Did the LV use
Apex, or
another style and was it painted to match the car side (red) or roof
(black) or unpainted? Thanks and happy new year to all.
When new the LV 63000-63999 series cars received black car cement on
their roofs. An overhead builder's photo shows this as well as Apex
running boards that were partially sprayed with the black car cement.
It's obvious from this photo that Bethlehem Steel Co. didn't pay
particular attention to ensure the running boards were entirely black.
I don't know for sure if all 1,000 cars received Apex running boards,
but car 63000 had Apex as did 63542. A good photo of the latter car
number is available from Bob's Photo, taken 11-13-54. Apex brake steps
were also used.
Ed Hawkins

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