Re: UP #9100-9229 and RI #20000-84 series 40' express boxcar conversion info request #9100-9229 #20000-84

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Stefan Lerche' wrote:
"In particular I am interested in detail/modelling information or
photos of UP 40' DD steel ACR boxcar series #9100-9229 and Rock Island
40' SD steel boxcar series #20000-20050, 20060-84."

A couple more comments:

- Prototype photos of both UP and RI cars appeared in Railway Prototype
Cyclopedia 6 (unfortunately out of print).

- Sunshine 31.10 models the Rock Island cars.

- Use the Intermountain Modified 1937 AAR boxcar kit (Stock No. 40899)
as a starting point if you can't get the Sunshine kit.

Ben Hom

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