Re: UP #9100-9229 and RI #20000-84 series 40' express boxcar conversion info request #9100-9229 #20000-84

Steve and Barb Hile

The Rock Island numbers actually cover three distinct body styles:

20000 - 20050

10"6" IH AAR standard boxcars built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1941 along with several thousand regular freight boxcars. There was an article on these in MM, May 1989. They were originally equipped with Allied Full Cushion trucks, but these were replaced in the mid 50's. In addition to the Sunshine kit, the Intermountain car is also appropriate.

20060 - 20069

These cars were built by Mt. Vernon in 1945 and were all (or nearly all) aluminum. So they were dimensionally similar to 20000 - 20050, but visually quite different. With all the publicity surround them after WWII, there have been silver HO scale models to represent them dating back to the same era in metal, card and plastic. Sunshine has the only accurate model, in terms of the number of side and end panels. Kit number 63.1.

20070 - 20084

These cars were built in 1948 as normal boxcars by Pullman Standard (number series 25500 - 26499) They were equipped for express service in 1953. I believe that these were among the early PS-1's and lack the raised section in the end roof panels. They had Superior doors. Some cars had Apex and others US Gypsum running boards.

I hope that this is helpful information.

Happy New Year,
Steve Hile

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Stefan Lerche' wrote:
"In particular I am interested in detail/modelling information or
photos of UP 40' DD steel ACR boxcar series #9100-9229 and Rock Island
40' SD steel boxcar series #20000-20050, 20060-84."

A couple more comments:

- Prototype photos of both UP and RI cars appeared in Railway Prototype
Cyclopedia 6 (unfortunately out of print).

- Sunshine 31.10 models the Rock Island cars.

- Use the Intermountain Modified 1937 AAR boxcar kit (Stock No. 40899)
as a starting point if you can't get the Sunshine kit.

Ben Hom

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