Re: Pennzoil tankers? (Now Gramps)


In over 40 years in the narrow gauge business, we have found no narrow
gauge fanatics express surprise that the Gramps cars were once standard
gauge. But I suppose there could be some. On the contray we have
found some standard gauge fanatics express surprise that they were once
standard gauge and that there were two types of cars converted. Only 7
cars came from Class V while the rest came from Class VV. Only the
location of the brake cylinder on the Class V had to be moved in order
to clear the narrow gauge wheels. All of the cars from the Class VV
kept the disconnected K brakes that still could clear the narrow gauge
wheels. Cars used in narrow gauge service included cars with Type C,D,J
and R heaters. If a standard gauge modeler wishes to be accurate, he
should study the cars used on the D&RGW narrow gauge. Until 1947, all
cars still used their standard gauge UTLX numbers.

We have noticed some HO modelers who convert the HOn3 cars to standard
gauge don't bother to change the single K brake cylinder back to it's
original location. Original UTLX standard gauge drawings are shown in
the R/Robb "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" Vol. IV.

Stan Schwedler

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