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Be careful here. Tichy makes two different kits to represent rebuilds of the USRA cars and they are vastly different. Specifically, kit #4028 and #4032.

Kit 4028, can be used to accurately model at least two groups of cars from NYC subsidiary roads. The P&LE has already been mentioned. It is also accurate for rebuilds from the PMcK&Y, which were later absorbed into the P&LE roster. A fastidious modeler may prefer to replace the Tichy raised panel roof with a more accurate version from Intermountain or Red Caboose (from their 1937 AAR box car models). These cars are dimensionally different from their USRA donors, with interior height increased, and new 8 panel steel sheathing. There is no external truss bracing on the car side. These cars have been the focus of at least a couple of modeling articles, including one by Ted Culotta in Railroad Model Craftsman (RMC) as part of his Essential Freight Cars series. He covers several enhancements made to the Tichy kit.

The 4028 kit can also serve as the basis for other rebuilds, and Sunshine has produced a mini-kit with parts to model a large group of Wabash rebuilds which derived from double sheathed automobile box cars. These cars have different ends and a fishbelly center sill, which are supplied in the Sunshine's kit. Vulcan trucks are also called for in this application. More information about the prototypes can be found in Volume 1 of Prototype Railroad Modeling available at <> My understanding is that Volume 3 of PRM will have modeling information.

Kit 4032 is intended to represent the Georgia RR car steel sheathed rebuild which retains the original exterior truss bracing. The conversions applied at least a couple of types of roofs over the course of the rebuilding program. Ted's Georgia RR rebuild has a radial roof, which is its primary difference from the 4032 kit. I believe the Tichy kit can be easily modified to represent the other roof variation (flat steel plate). This kit is not appropriate for the P&LE cars.

As for potential candiates for the Tichy #4026 USRA SS box, see the July 2004 issue of RMC for more information about the original USRA single sheathed cars. Significant numbers were rostered by the PRR, CMStP&P and C&NW. Other roads which owned the USRA single-sheathed cars included the AA, B&O, C&O, CNJ, Clinchfield, D&H, Erie, Maine Central, MC, NYC, N&W, PMcK&Y, RF&P, SP, and WM. I've probably missed some.

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Bill McCoy wrote:

While on this subject, thanks for the info about the PLE prototype.
Ted's new kit with the GARR correct roof left my rebuild with out a

On this same subject, how about the wood sided version? Is there a
resource that lists who had these cars as Tichy modeled them?

Bill McCoy

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Learned members,

Found a pair of Tichy #4028----USRA SS steel rebuild
kits in a to do box. The sides are 4 panel, and the ends are 5-5-5.
Does anyone know what prototypes are correct for these kits? TIA

Fred Freitas
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Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling the CB&Q RR's Keokuk & Western branch, along with connecting Wabash and CRI&P operations, circa 1938

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