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Rob Adams

Flag me 15 yards for piling on, but I've got to jump in with Richard and Ben in warning modelers about some of the details in the MM article. In addition to relying on the CBC arrangement drawings, another unfortunate error is the Ann Arbor stenciling arrangement on the drawing. The arrangement of the road name lettering is incorrect. On the AA's USRA cars, both N's in ANN, and the O and R in ARBOR should be to the right of the last vertical framing member. The arrangement illustrated in the article is correct for the AA's dimensionally similar cars with Hutchins ends and roof built by Standard Tank in 1924, but WRONG for the USRA cars. I have no idea whether the MM material is the culprit, but Westerfield's kit instructions also have the lettering wrong on the built-up model. Several photos and a stenciling diagram for the AA cars appear in Volume 2 of Prototype Railroad Modeling.

Regards, Rob Adams

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Jan 14, 2007, at 12:51 PM, benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Greg Martin wrote:
"There was a great article in Mainline Modeler on the prototype for
this car as well and it included the drawings. A must have for this
I strongly disagree with Greg - the Lane article is a must have; this
article is a nice to have, but not to be relied upon without
independent verification using photos of specific prototypes.
I'm with Ben on this one. The MM article was very poorly researched,
many of the lettering diagrams were totally incorrect, and, IIRC, the
scale drawings were wrong in the same way that other drawings (and
models) of these cars have been wrong in following the USRA general
arrangement drawings published in the Car Builders' Cyclopedias, which
did not accurately represent the cars as actually built. Some modelers
(and model manufacturers) have tended to regard Mainline Modeler as a
sort of researcher's Rosetta stone owing to its frequent inclusion of
scale drawings, but drawings are only helpful if they're accurate, and
in any case photographic evidence is essential to show what actually
came out of the car shops, as opposed to what the designers intended.
Not to mention the fact that many of these cars were modified in
various ways over the years, and only photos from the era you model
will show you what they looked like at that time.

Richard Hendrickson

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