Re: Pennzoil tankers? (Now Gramps)


--- In, Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>

UTL never installed AB
brakes on the Class Vs because of the difficulty involved in mounting
the AB valve and reservoir on an obsolete car with no underframe.

Richard Hendrickson

If it was so difficult to convert a Van Dyke car to AB brakes, then why
did the quaint Santa Fe car shown on page 100 of "Santa Fe Tank Cars -
Vol. Five" (by Richard Hendrickson) have AB brakes? Did the Santa Fe
puchase this loan car with them, or did they spend the time and money
themselves to convert it to AB for work train service?

P.S. I'll answer some of the questions Dennis asked later today. I'm
going through my notes now. There actually were more than 7 Class V
cars, but only 7 left before the 1947 renumbering. And the standard
gauge car on display at St.Louis is actually a Class VV as it has a
split K brake.

Stan Schwedler

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