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I have an Overland Models Wabash autocar I would like to paint. It
is an outside braced car that has been resheathed in steel and has
Youngtown double doors (replacement?). I believe the Wabash series is
145000-145999. Does anyone have a late 40's, early 50's photo they
can share, or point me to a book that has a photo of this car in it.
As always, any and all help is appreicated.

These cars, built in 1926, had their wood sides replaced with steel
in 1935. The cars were numbered in the 45400 - 46001 series. The
remaining cars from this group, 45000 - 45399, and 46002 - 46999 kept
the wood sides the rest of their life. The 1955 equipment book show
the cars having either wood or steel doors. 147 of the cars received
D/F utility loaders in 1953. for package loading. 232 cars had racks
installed in 1948 for panel and engine loading. 114 cars received
racks in 1952 for station wagon panel loading. I will send you a few
scans of these cars.

Chet French
Dixon, IL
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