Re: Ancient photos in color

Scott Pitzer

If it's actually during WW2 he models, there may not be many photos
of his layout around (photographers might be arrested as spies, for
added realism!)
Scott Pitzer
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I agree. When modelling we look to the photo for reference and
that to be the true image. If colorized it could alte the way a
views that image and maybe be misled in to thinking something is
particular color when is it not. I think if the photo was black
and white
it should be black and white.
On Tue, January 16, 2007 4:34 pm, Spen Kellogg replied:
With apologies to Roger Federle for subverting the meaning of his
e-mail, I'm waiting for someone to suggest that those of us who
railroads before the days of color film should model in black and
and shades of gray.

Its been done. I don't remeber the modeler's name, but he is an
member, models circa WWII and his entire color scheme is
greytones. In
reality, this is a HUGE challenge to get right! While I have only
photos, the layout is apparently very dramatic, which makes sense,
IIRC, the builder is a theatrical designer.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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