HO car recommendations wanted

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>


Can anyone recommend suitable HO models for the following:

CB&Q 53-6 ft FM (92000-92799 series, for example) - Con-Cor Revell?

MILW 52-6 ft FM (65500-66367series, for example)

B&O 52-6 ft GB (O-59, O-59A, O-65, or 264000-264999 series)

NYC 41-6 ft, 1822 cu ft GB, after early 1950's rebuildings to fixed bottoms (more than a dozen lots, 507-G, 508-G, 537-G, 542-G, for example)

N&W 2054 cu ft HM (60000 - 65999 series, for example)

Thanks in advance,

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