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Doug Rhodes

Not just figs but Heinz "euchred pickles" in general were a big item around the turn of the last century. Quotes from some Heinz jar labels of the day:

"Heinz Euchred Figs are a particularly delicious preparation of fresh, ripe figs, thoroughly permeated with the spiced sweet liquor in which they are preserved."

"Heinz Euchred Pickle - The newest of the 57 varieties and the finest product of 40 years' experience in making better pickles. A combination of crisp, tender, Heinz-grown vegetables, preserved in a sweet liquor of especial richness. Delightfully seasoned and exquisite in flavor. Entirely new and different - quite out of the ordinary. A most charming relish for luncheons, teas, etc."

I can't shed any light on the precise preserving process involved, though we would more likely term that "liquor" to be "brine". I will point out, however, that H.J. Heinz was one of the all-time great US hucksters and promoters, famous for endless publicity stunts in the early days of mass marketing. It could be that, with the card game all the rage at the time and his penchant for getting people's attention, old Mr. Heinz might just have named his pickles "euchred" to get people talking. And asking, to this day, "how do you euchre a fig/cucumber/onion" etc. Still works!

Mandatory freight car content - as a heavily promoted advertising term of the era, it did indeed appear on reefer sides along with "everywhere" else!

Doug Rhodes

PS The "57 Varieties" was just marketing hype too - they already had more products when they adopted the slogan.

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If you look in there back pages of an ORER of October 1955
you will find this description for Class "T"- Tank Car Types:

"TW"- Tank car equipped with one or more wooden containers.

Heinz was one company that had both types of these cars.
The horizontal cars were used to carry Vinegar (Acetic acid)
and the vertical tubs were for cucumber pickles in brine.

Heinz had in the good ol' days advertised on their Reefers their
many products that they manufactured, +57+ Varieties.

An old Walthers decal #92 and Red Ball cardboard car side No.38
for these cars advertised: Pickles, Euchred Figs, Onions & Etc.
I have seen pictures of these old RS class cars.

Now I understand how to make pickles but how do you euchre a fig?

In my dictionary it says: euchre n. 1. A card game for two to four
v.t. chred, chring 1. In the game of euchre, to defeat (the
by taking three tricks. 2. Informal, To outwit or defeat.

How do you outwit a Fig?

Edwin C. Kirstatter.

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