Re: AAR mechanical designations.

Raymond Young


Perhaps the origin of the word "Euchred" lies in the prefix "Eu" which is often applied to words of Greek origin and means "good" or "well" as in "Eugenics" or "Eulogy". I'll bet that Euchred Figs were preserved to taste good!

Virgil Young
Amarillo, TX

Doug Rhodes <> wrote: [Snip}
So, at least for the figs if not the pickles, the usual vinegar, salt and spice "liquor" would have the salt replaced by sugar? And perhaps the "euchred pickles" of the day were similar to modern sweet pickles?

As to the derivation of the term "euchred" I'd be very interested to know your source for its roots in old English. The unabridged OED shows no such derivation, and in fact suggests the origins are in the New World and in Spanish, and have nothing to do with preserving. The first documented uses of the term are no more than two centuries old.

Doug Rhodes_,_.___

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