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I am looking for any information on Sinclair's 10,000 gallon tank car. I
would really like either a decal sheet or a paint diagram for the tank cars
from the steam era. I am planning on painting a 1:1 scale tank car and would
very much like to do it Sinclair but I am having trouble finding
information. Please help!

Keep Steaming,
Greg Udolph
Heber City, UT

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Subject: [STMFC] Pentrex Heritage Collection Vol. 1

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but the Pentrex "stocking
stuffer" DVD called "Heritage Collection Vol. 1" has some pretty good
color footage of steam era freight cars in it, plus lots of colorful
early diesels. And the 1940's-1950's corny narration is a joy to
listen to!

It's on sale for $9.95 plus shipping until 2-28-07. Read about it at:

http://www.pentrex. <> com/hc1dvd.html

I think you'll like it.

John Thompson
Bellevue (Seattle) WA

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