Fruit Growers Express service to Campbell's Soup Company in Camden, NJ

lnbill <bwelch@...>

In May 1948 Fruit Growers Express brought into service two cars rebuilt
as insulted cars numbered 4200 & 4800 under the new reporting marks
FCEX. The cars were rebuilt by FGE's Alexandria, VA shops using one ex-
PRR R7 type reefer (#4200)and one truss rod car of unknown origins
(#4800). These two cars had stenciled in white within a black rectangle
the message "When Empty Return to PRSL Camden NJ." Camden was (is) home
to Campbell's Soup and I am positive that these cars were rebuilt to
serve them. These reporting marks disappear from the ORER in 1953

PRSL does not appear in any of the ORER's I have for the period 1948-
1953 and I am hoping someone on this list may know what they refer to.
Also is there anyone on the list familiar with the rail operations
serving Campbell's in Camden?


Bill Welch

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