Greg Udolph <gregudolph@...>

I would like to thank everyone that gave me information regarding the
Sinclair tank car. Today we took measurements based on Mr. Ferguson's decal
instructions and pictures that were sent to me by Mr. Cain and Mr.
Hendrickson. We sent it all off to the printers and will hopefully be able
to letter the car either late this week or early next week. As soon as it is
done I will post a couple of pictures of it to the STMFC's homepage. With
any luck it will pass your approval and be ready in time for our photo
freight on the 5th of Feb. Thanks again to everyone that helped me out.

Keep Steaming,
Greg Udolph
Heber City, UT

I am the thoroughbred of steam, born to run, born to be free.
Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. - 12/07/94

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