Next kit will be .... ??

Jim King

I was planning to bring out the S-scale CofG 41' ventilated boxcar (HO
kit is available from the CGRHS) as my next kit, in time for the late
March RPM meet in Savannah GA. However, the current supply of Andrews
trucks from SHS is gone or nearly gone (I think Don said my last order
wiped him out) and the next shipment won't arrive until Spring.

Do y'all still want this car produced next but without trucks? I can
always include trucks with future kits when they become available again
and I'm sure most of you can get them from a dealer or have them
on-hand. The only other option is to produce a car with Bettendorf
trucks as that supply is OK. Maybe an SAL/NS high side gon, Southern
flat, Southern composite gon?

Estimated retail price less trucks but with 802s will be $66 ($70 with

Please reply off list.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

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