Re: ORER numerology???

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

laramielarry wrote:
Hi Folks

While transcribing the July, 1950, ORER to an Excel file, I noticed
that none* of the "Item" numbers (line numbers) end in 8, 9, or 0.
Rather, the sequence is:


Is this true of other ORERs as well? Does anyone know the reason for
this curious "numerology"? Or its history?

It's pretty much in all of the old ORER's. I think it was just a trick used
to make late arriving insertions much easier to deal with as they'd only
have to adjust the numbers for a couple of lines. At some later time they
went back and renumbered the lines back to the no-8,9,n0 rule.

Dave Nelson

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