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The photo of 170494 shown in Bulletin #35 is also shown more clearly (still B&W) in the Burlington Route H. S. Data Sheet on 70 ton hoppers. The text states that they were equipped with roller bearing journals in standard friction bearing journal boxes with lids. The lettering was identical to that applied to the rest of the HT-10's except it was black lettering instead of white, with additional lettering below the herald of "TIMKEN - ROLLER - BEARINGS", "GREASE - LUBRICATION" and "AS PER INSTRUCTIONS"

When they required repainting (after at least 10 years service), they received the standard paint scheme of the day but without the special lettering as roller bearings were common by then.

I can send you a scan off List if that would assist.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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Hi Guys,

I am interested in finding information and possibly a photo or two of CB&Q
70-ton triple hoppers 170490-170499, built at Havelock in 1949. These were
the last 10 in a group of 500 HT-10 hoppers. They were built with roller
bearing trucks and painted orange with blakc lettering to differentiate them from
the other 490 cars (at least that's what it says in Burlington Bulletin 35,
"The Q in the Coal Fields").

Thanks for any help on this subject.

Jerry Michels

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