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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

IMHO, there is not a HO single plastic air hose yet produced that will stand up to the slightest ordinary handling, much less effective bending/curving into shape. I do carefully handle my cars, and I also care for them. Nevertheless, my layout is strewn with knocked-off air hoses (pretty prototypical! :-)) , but what specific event caused them to be there is almost always a mystery.

In this regard, forget plastic air hoses unless there is a plastic yet available that will still let these very frail hoses to be curved and then actually stand up to normal use.

I will strongly second Mont Switzer's wish list for air hoses made only of metal. Brass would be my first choice, but Dan Stinson's mention of white metal would probably fill the bill as well. I have been using up a stash of Kemtron/PSC brass hoses recently, and have had very good luck bending them into shape. I also have been using some CalScale/Bowser. Although I have been using a pig's breakfast of varying hose mounts (glue, drilled holes, plastic CalScale and Kadee), they seem to be standing up well, and in this regard, I am not certain that a metal (i.e. brass) mount is really necessary.

I also second the need for a relatively long "pipe". It surely eases the mounting, and just incidentally, it also can look good!

I have been investigating bulk purchases of brass hoses, but have little to show for it so far. I am motivated to wade into the fray again tomorrow morning.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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