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somewhere at home I have some injection moulded plastic HO air-hoses
which come complete with separate brackets. I'm sure they are a US-made
product (certainly mine came from a UK-based US HO supplier!), I'll
check tonight and report back. I've used them on a number of my freight
cars, especially to replace the Branchlines kit brackets/hoses which I
find too flimsy for layout use.

For the hoses themselves, I makes me own, using single-core bell-wire,
stripped of the insulation, crimping one end to give the knuckle and
bending/cutting to shape. The tap is from a small length of microstrip
superglued to the top section. I've gathered a range of wire diameters
over the years and make up batches of 50 or so at one go - doesn't take
long, is very cheap and they are very robust!

London, UK

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I actually had a little time to do some modeling tonight, and
spent the better part of an hour fabricating trainline air hose brackets
and air hoses from Brass strip, wire and Kadee air hoses for my Athearn
SFRD RR-30. I really wish someone with make a nice after-market part for
these (The RR-30 is different than the norm anyway due to the Duryea
underframe). Lots of mfg's make the hoses but no one to my knowledge
makes the bracket also. I have fabricated some from Styrene also per Ted
C's articles.

Branchline's are nice in their boxcar kits but a little fragile.
If there are aftermarket parts out there I would love to know. OK, I am
off my soapbox.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY



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