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I have given this a lot of thought, too, and had intended (eventually)
to move forward on something as well. Here are my ideas to be thrown
into the mix. They should be all metal. While I love the look of the
Kadee parts, they don't last, so having a metal bracket into which I
can add a plastic part is no good (for me.) I also had planned to add
a long round section out the "back" of the part that would be integral
to the whole metal casting that the modeler could simply insert into a
hole drilled into the bolster. That would strengthen the overall part
and simulate a train pipe. Lastly, I had planned to offer a few
different variants as not all of the mounting brackets are alike. Good
luck, and if they serve my purposes, I'll buy then by the hundreds.

Ted Culotta

I suppose I should chime in here, too. I gave some thought to these
parts a while back, and one of the first decisions I made was that the
"pipe" that comes out of the back of the angle cock would be long
enough to extend all the way back to the body bolster in one piece, in
fact be overly long so the modeler can cut it to fit different bolster
configurations. A stout pin on the back of the flange where the
bracket attaches to the car end would take care of the keeping the
free end from breaking loose too readily.

The biggest problem is that the plane of the bracket and the plane of
the angle cock are at angles to each other, making for a very
expensive tool. Making them separate parts loses all the strength at
the bracket to angle cock attachment. At this point the decision was
made that this part was going to cost too much relative to its value
to the typical purchaser of one of our kits, and the idea was shelved.

However, if one wants to pay from some fancy irregular parting lines,
the part could be made in one piece. The curve of the hose could also
be molded into the part by laying the cavity along a curved parting
line. It all just comes down to $$$.


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