Intro and P&N question

Ferko <destron@...>

Hi everyone,

Just joined the group, thought I'd give a little bit of intro before
getting to a question.

Though born and raised in North America, I've only recently taken up a
serious interest in our railroads, and have been learning all I can,
having taken a special interest in electric operations, the railways
of British Columbia (where I live), and especially, railroading in the
Piedmont Carolinas, and even more specifically, the Piedmont &
Northern (and the railways with which it interchanged). And this all
in 1950 or so, because that way I can accurately model electric,
diesel and steam in the Piedmont.

I have a friend locally who introduced me to the STMFC website and has
been teaching me about all manner of detail of North American
railroading. Freight-specifically, I've been discovering my interests
to be especially centred on boxcars. Still learning a lot, but I've
already found a few early favourites.

Modelling-wise, I work in TT scale - that was my scale when modelling
European prototypes, and since my interests on this side of the ocean
are mainly those that would require scratchbuilding in any scale,
staying with TT doesn't make things any more difficult (an aside on
scratchbuilding: I like it, because that way I can do things exactly
to the standards that I want!)

As a first question, I would ask whether anyone might be able to point
me in the direction of photos of Piedmont & Northern freight cars -
specifically the 1100-series boxcars, as well as photos of freight
cars taken in Greenville, Greenwood and Spartanburg, SC, taken in 1950.

Frank Valoczy
Modelling the Piedmont & Northern in TT.

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