Re: Accurail Gon and P1K/NERS Dominion Boxcars (was Intermountain endorsement)

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dennis Storzek wrote:
The same holds true with Tony's SP cars; the models will be lettered
for SP series 160650 – 161049. There is a picture of SP 160754 in the
'53 Cyc, but the caption has it mis-labled as a 48'-6" car. However,
no way that 1,982 cu.ft. is going to be that long a car, and sure
enough, the ORER lists the series as 41'-6" IL. Another stand-in.
That car is Class G-50-25, shown in my SP Freight Cars, Volume
1. Dennis is, of course, right about the actual car length and about
the Cyc error. The SP car had improved Dreadnaught ends, and 11 side
posts, not the 10 of the Accurail model, and some other detail
differences. I don't consider it a stand-in, but some might.

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