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Doug Rhodes

The Life Like name was used under license in Canada by Hobbycraft. Some of the Canadian products stayed with Hobbycraft and are now marketed under the True Line Trains marque. Try this URL for those trucks:

Doug Rhodes

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The CN Fowlers have been photographed on Arch-bar trucks, "Bettendorf"
style, as well as "Simplex Bolster" trucks. Life-Like was offering
Simplex Bolster trucks, but a recent attempt by my local hobby shop to
order some from Walthers meet with failure. However TrueLine Trains is
showing on their website that they are now offering a Simplex Bolster
truck. Can't find the URL right now. Will continue looking.
Pierre Oliver

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> I will also add that I am offering ..... one of the nicest resin kits I
> have seen in awhile, that replicates the CN's most numerous group of
> 36' Dominion/Fowler cars.
> Ted, I agree that new kit looks terrific and I've been thinking about
> buying one even though I'm planning to move in the near future (with no
> idea where I'm going).
> Are the trucks hard to get? I haven't seen any magazine ads for the
> cars.
> How are the sales on the FOF single sheathed box car book coming? I
> hoping that another book in the series will come out soon.
> Ed

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