Re: How is the AB brake cylinder mounted on the PRR G-22 gondola?


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That's gotta be wrong.
Richard - I agree! Here is the entire link to the photo of the model:

It is a photo of the pilot model - will probably be corrected before
the final run. The rod between the two brake levers should be
between the centersills, and the live levers to the trucks should be
on the opposite side of the centersill from the brake cylinder,

I have the PRRH&TS "Keystone" from 1983 or so with the general
arrangement drawings of the cars, but no placement of brake gear is
indicated. Since the Kohs models are only available with containers,
and since they are $650 each(!), I am going to build up a couple from
brass kits made by the late Bob Parri.

In a related question, has anyone ever located a photo of the elusive
PRR G-21 gondola? Bob made me a kit for that car also, but we did
not know where to put the drop-type stake pockets inside the car. I
have to add the rivets to the sides of that car in the proper places
before assembling it.

Thanks again for the help. I love this list! A.T. Kott

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