Re: Mainline Modeler ?????

Schuyler Larrabee

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..... And that's what I understood from the outset, in fact, I used
to subscribe to NG&SLG so that I could
see the work in the
Later in this thread, Jack Burgess talks about how the magazine
provided information. Yes, it did,
and a lot of it. But it also opened, especially at first, a window
to the guys in standard gauge
who were passionate about building fine models.

I was a charter subscriber to MM, and I remember writing an
apologetic letter to Bob Brown at NG&SLG
that I wasn't resubscribing, because MM was more where my head was
at . . . .and still is.

Do any of you guys remember the old "Finelines" magazine that Bob
Brown published prior to NG&SLG? I sure did love it, and was very
disappointed when he discontinued it in favor of NG&SLG. All my
copies got stuck together in a lump because of a flood about 25 years
ago - for me, it was a big loss. MM was all that was left after
that. A.T. Kott
I read and had (past tense) about three or four copies of Finelines before NG&SLG started (I was a
charter subscriber there, too). I then lived in the Bay Area, and knew a bunch of Seriously
Fanatical Narrow Gauge Modelers all in the East Bay. At one level, I HAD to read Finelines in
self-defense! It was a fine magazine.


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