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Before Mike cuts off this discussion because it isn't related enough to
freight cars....

I've noticed a real change in all of the magazines....I subscribe to MR,
RMC, RMJ, the Gazette, Finescale Modeler, Trains, and Classic Trains. I read
the Gazette as soon as it arrives since, although much of the modeling is
freelance and cute stuff (influenced obviously by editor Bob Brown), the
modeling and photography are always top-notch. Likewise for Finescale
Modeler....very nice modeling. I love the spreads showing one modelers
efforts, an idea I've pitched to MR to no avail (even though Terry was once
the editor of Finescale Modeler.)

As for the other model railroading magazines, have you noticed the change
over the past decade? No more articles on electronic circuits and devices,
fewer (no?) scale drawings of any type, fewer articles on scratchbuilding,
fewer articles on freight cars except for RMJ and Ted's articles, no
articles on hand-laying track, few comprehensive articles on industries, and
no articles on new jigs or tools (I remember when Finelines had article by
Gene Deimling on making a riveter out of a sewing machine and another on
Cerro Bend casting). While MR tends to have articles every year on basic
things such as using prefab track, when was the last time you saw an article
on resin about an article on making masters for freight car

While I appreciate all of the new freight cars, both plastic and resin, all
of these "riches" (as I mentioned before) may have reduced our hobby to a
"ready to run" hobby. After all, there is very little that you can't now
purchase ready to run....engines, DCC systems, freight cars, structures,
track, etc. It seems that MR especially has embraced this idea....

Jack Burgess

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