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We miss the vintage Mainline Modeler when it was forward leaning
publication that tried to raise the level of standard gauge modeling
to that of narrow gauger. He used the Gazette as a model to copy. He
was not able to match the Gazette in terms of authors and material.
The Gazette authors contributed 90% of the magazine content with
little coming from the staff. This is the idea situation. Hundman
had to generate much of his own material. He did do some useful
scale plans with excellent photo coverage. There were flaws in his
plans and sometimes the text contained poorly researched technical
data but you find differences with prototype general arrangement
drawings. I have attempted to scratch build many models from
prototype drawings only to find out the actual car didn't match the
drawings precisely. Builders made changes and issued revisions. A
drawing alone does not assure you an accurate model.
As Tony pointed out, Bob Hundman had lost touch with the hobby. It
has changed in many dimensions. Bob still thought that people were
interested in learning techniques on scratch building a freight car.
His articles may have been tedious but they did contain useful some
There are many excellent sources of prototype data and sources for
modeling inspiration today that didn't exist when the Mainline Modeler
was started. We won't miss the recent magazine since only a few
thousand were buying it anyways.

Gene Deimling

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What we miss of Mainline Modeler is not the tree articles, the
editorials, or multi-installment construction projects.... but the
prototype pictures, reproduction of builder and railroad drawings and
diagrams, the prepared drawings (however imperfect), in-depth studies
of locomotive and car types, introduction of new model building
techniques, etc...
We miss the POTENTIAL of Mainline Modeler and its overall legacy
more than the reality of its recent past.
Somewhat like X2200 South.... another publication that has "gone
south" if you pardon the pun..... they established the taxonomy of
Diesel Locomotives beyond what sufficed for the builders and the
railroads... but have devolved into a reporter of roster changes and
new deliveries and liveries in contemporary railroading.
I would think with the obvious popularity of modeling the prototype,
as evidenced by the growing attendance at seminars across the country,
there would be a market for a magazine to fill the void left by
Mainline Modeler.... that would expand and complement what we can get
from the occasional article in the mainstream magazines and the RPC,
Essential Freight Cars, and other books and journals (and online
magazines such as the PRR & B&O efforts).
While freight cars, locomotives, and structures have been covered
hard for the past four decades there is still much to learn and
document.... and we've not scratched the surface on Passenger Cars,
Traction and many other topics.
We owe a huge debt to Bob Hundman. His body of work in Mainline
Modeler and other publications, as well as his behind-the-scenes work
in supporting the Manufacturers has made a tremendous positive impact
on the Hobby.
I, for one, miss Mainline Modeler and can only hope a group of
people comes along that can continue his work.
Charlie Vlk

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