Re: How is the AB brake cylinder mounted on the PRR G-22 gondola?

Bruce Smith

On Fri, February 2, 2007 7:19 pm, proto48er wrote:
Two things still bother me about Westerfield's website photos. First,
in the G-22 section, there is a drawing from Kalmbach Pub. Co. from
1986 (?) which shows the brake arrangement! I would have preferred a
PRR drawing! Second, in Westerfield's GRa section, it shows the same
squirrily brake arrangement - I do not recall that GRa's ever had drop
doors or steel floors (which would have allowed enough extra strength
for mounting of a brake cylinder on a longitudinal plate between two
crossmembers). Why would the GRa's have this arrangement? Do the GR's
and the FM's have it too? (I do have two GRa's, one GR, one FM and one
FGRa to detail in another project, if I live long enough). As usual,
more questions than answers!

This is the standard brake arrangement for PRR cars of this era. I was
about to say that it had nothing to do with drop doors, but it may well
have originated in that style car. Regardless, it was applied to the GR
(and FM which is a twin to the GR), GRa and many other cars such as the
X25 and X29. Similar brakes were used on the B&O M-26A. Westerfield and
F&C have nice castings for the levers in their kits (note that the
Sunshine FM has a bogus brake arrangement drawing in the instruction).

BTW, we just finished an FM project on the PRRPro group <G>.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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