SAL B-7 Box Coming in BOTH S Scale AND HO!!!

John Degnan <Scaler164@...>

Everyone is probably already familiar with my efforts to get the SAL's B-7 Round Roof (or Turtle-Back), 19000-19499 series boxcars produced in my new scale of interest - S scale. But I have just this morning received comfirmation from my manufacturer that this model will definitely be offered in HO as well. The S scale version will come first (hopefully by the end of this year), and the HO version second (date still to be determined).

ALL reservations should be made with Jim King ( of And if anyone has any photographs of these cars you can offer as helps for this project and its accompanying, promotional web page (below), they should be sent to myself ( AND Jim King.

Promotional Web Page:

If one man can make it happen in S scale, surely there is enough interest amongst HO scalers to see this car made in HO. So send Jim and e-mail and let him know how many you'd like to have!

John Degnan
The Seaboard Air Line Information Collective and Photo Archive or
P.S. ALSO coming in S and HO : SAL LOW-Side Gondolas!!!

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