Kits? 50 + years ago.

Edwin C. Kirstatter <Q1xaMacArthur1@...>

Now if you go back to 1956 and glance through the
adds in the MR for that year you will find many more
kit makers listed than you already mentioned.

Aunthenticast, Ayres, Binkly/Laconia, Cliff Line, Gilbert,
Kurtz-Kraft, L-W Models, M.Dale Newton/Red Ball, M.E.W.,
Main Line, Roundhouse/MDC and Selly.

In years before that we had A-C Models, Ideal, Lehigh, Megow
Walthers & etc. This is just HO.

And how many of those "Dollar Cars" did you build before
the advent of styrene? Could you do better now?
Edwin C. Kirstatter, B&O Modeler.

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