Re: Kits? Yep...they're still with us

Schuyler Larrabee

Anthony Thompson:
Sure, some talented and energetic people were building great
models, but I'd guess there were no more of them then than now.
So, just how many of us are there? This list's home page says 1,244 members. Yet when I spoke with
John Engstrom at Springfield about the idea of undecorated versions of the 65' mill gon, he said
"There's only about 60 of you guys out there, you know."

Y'know, I think he's wrong. But that's what he thinks.

Now, I know that there are probably a lot of guys on this list (are there ANY women?) who simply
want to know more about when a car was built, who built them, the kind of car they are, the era
they're appropriate for, how long they lasted and that's about it. There's another subset that want
to know precisely what kind of end they have, what brake gear they have, the kind of roof walk, and
so on. And then there are those who want to know exactly how many rivets, and what size they were,
on some specific tank car.

But I'm absolutely sure that there are more, way more, than "60 of you guys out there."

There's power in numbers, and if we want kits, we have to make sure that Athearn (and BLI, IM, and
the others) know that there's more than 60 of us.


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