Kits? 50 + years ago.

Richard Bale

Some of those kits are still around, virtually in their original form, albeit
under different names. The HO flat car and wood bridge kits Tom Ayres (Ayres
Models) originally developed in the 1950s were later sold to Augie Kniff
(Tru-Scale) who in turn sold them to E. Suydam Company. To assist Leo Campbell get
his new company started in the mid-1960s, Tom Ayres persuaded Ed Suydam to
sell the bridge line to Campbell. Leo retired last year and sold Campbell Scale
Models, including the bridges, to Peter Campbell (no relation) who continues to
offer the bridges today - some 55 years later. A similar circuitous life
befell Ayres mat board structure kits which are still manufactured and sold by
Alpine Division Scale Models.

Dick Bale
Carlsbad, CA

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