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Sorry - I am really a Mopac (I-GN) + M-K-T + T&NO type of guy! Mopac
always had a lot of PRR freight cars in the trains down in south

What kinds of PRR Freight Cars were in South Texas, and in what
proportion of Total Boxcars? Total Gons? Total Hoppers? Total Stock
Cars? Total Flat Cars?

Tim Gilbert
Tim - I do not know the exact proportion of each type of PRR car, but
there were a considerable number of PRR boxcars, gondolas and flatcars
on the I-GN through freights from Austin to San Antonio in the late
1950's. The primary cars on the I-GN trains were MP boxcars, with PRR
boxcars next. There were very few NYC cars on MP trains, but they were
more common on M-K-T trains for some reason and there were very few PRR
cars on them. I was too young to understand or ask any of the
operating personnel why this traffic pattern existed - I doubt if any
knew, since we are a long way from St Louis where the brains of the
operation were. The only MP switch lists I have are OT (1961-1963).

Many shipments of steel and other mfg. goods were delivered on MP in
PRR gons. and on PRR flats (to a lesser extent). I have photos of
captive PRR GRa gons. used to haul cut limestone slabs from a quarry on
the T&NO Llano Branch to a facility in the city of Austin.

Surprisingly, there were PRR stock cars down here too. It appears that
the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas (on the StLB&M) regularly shipped
cattle to and from Pennsylvania - they had some kind of fattening (?)
operation there.

There were very few PRR hopper cars here. Coal in south Texas was
shipped primarily in gondolas in the 1948 era of my interest. However,
I like the PRR H-21a and H-25 cars because they look very much like a
series of later-built MP quad hoppers which were everywhere down here
in the late 1950's. I saw a ton of the PRR cars when I lived in
Reading, Penna. in 1950-1951 also. These MP cars were built out of my
time frame, but the PRR hoppers are not an anachronism, so there they
are! I am the boss, so that is that! Out of 400+ cars, I do have (4)
H-21a's, (1)H-25, and (1)H-22a - even the paint and lettering on them
looks like the MP quad hoppers! Also, the top 24" of one of the PRR
GLc gons.(hoppers?) was cut off and it was used on the Midland Terminal
RR in Colorado Springs; when the MT went belly-up in 1947, it was sold
to a quarry in New Braunfels, Texas - so it is fair game too. Only
photo I have is as an MT car. ORER dimensions indicate it was a PRR
GLc, and not a UP or B&O car.

We did see a number of hoppers of coke, used by one of the local
foundrys - also a roofless boxcar or two (L&N) in that service. Have
been fighting the thought of converting an H-22a into an H-22 coke car -
one lone car was left on the PRR roster until about 1952.

Some MP trains had solid blocks of ART reefers in them. Some had large
blocks of MP gondolas and/or MP covered hoppers in them. Very few
AT&SF cars were down here on MP or M-K-T or SP - just an occasional
boxcar or reefer. Some surprising cars came through regularly on the
MP - like B&O wagon-top covered hoppers with catalytic cracking
catalyst for the FCCU's at the Corpus Christi refineries - all sent
down the SAU&G (MP) line south of San Antonio. Also an occasional
brick container car with special firebrick for the refineries (did not
ever see one of these, however). Also L&NE covered hoppers down here
on MP.

In a typical MP freight of 1954, about 65% of the cars were MP, then
10% PRR, then 5% B&O and 5% SP - I saw lots of trains with this mix
over a 15 year period. MP trains consisted mostly of boxcars, with a
good percentage of gondolas and covered hoppers in them as well. M-K-T
had more of a mix, with only 30% or so of M-K-T cars per train - mostly

A.T. Kott

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