Re: How is the AB brake cylinder mounted on the PRR G-22 gondola?


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This is the standard brake arrangement for PRR cars of this era. I
about to say that it had nothing to do with drop doors, but it may
have originated in that style car. Regardless, it was applied to
the GR
(and FM which is a twin to the GR), GRa and many other cars such as
X25 and X29. Similar brakes were used on the B&O M-26A.
Westerfield and
F&C have nice castings for the levers in their kits (note that the
Sunshine FM has a bogus brake arrangement drawing in the

BTW, we just finished an FM project on the PRRPro group <G>.

Bruce -

Thank you very much for the help! I just was having a hard time
believing the brake mount arrangement from an engineering
perspective! You are correct!

Glad you mentioned the B&O M-26a, since I have one of those waiting
to be corrected/detailed too! I am an "O" scaler, so the only
recourse we have is to PSC brass parts - these are all brass cars.

I have a goofy project in mind. I am going to convert one of the
brass Hallmark GRa gondolas into a GR in a crazy way. I have two
brass FM flatcars - one will be used with the cut-down sides from a
GRa to make a GR gon. The rest of the GRa car will become an FGRa
flatcar with new floor and stake pockets from the FM. According to
the drawings, things line up pretty well. I am still looking for a
photo of the FGRa, however. That is a request for another day!!

Joined the PRRPro group just after the FM project, but they got into
structures, etc. Now I am interested in the Pullman heavyweights
project when that comes along.

Thanks again! A.T. Kott

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