Re: Kits? Yep...they're still with us

Raymond Young


That article by Bill McClanahan and Malcom Voedenbaum inspired me also. I ruined one boilder casting trying to solder a brass cab roof on for a finer appearance. The boilders were cheap, however, and I obtained a replacement and succeeded the second time. From the Model Train Magazine index: The Penn Line 4-4-2 and 2-8-0 freelanced and superdetailed
Model Railroader, November 1956 page 40
Includes removing the Belpaire firebox
( 2-8-0, 4-4-2

Virgil Young
Amarillo, TX

Schuyler Larrabee <> wrote:

"those Bowser locomotives didn't look THAT odd with Belpaire
boilers on your
free-lanced short line."

Fifty years ago those locomotives were Penn Line. They also
made 40' trailer
flats for them to pull.

Doug Brown
And the article about modifying two of them (Atlantic and ?Consolidation?) in MR was one of the
revalatory articles I read: You could CHANGE them into something else!!! WOW!!

They pulled steam era frt cars, obviously.


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