Re: Suitable kits for SP B-50-38 or B-50-41?

Tim O'Connor

-- Kurt Laughlin wrote:

Thanks Tim! Is this it?
If so, one problem I see is that it is numbered as a B-50-35, but
renumbering as 211836 should be easy enough. It also needs gussets
under the door tracks, I think...
These SP box cars of this era had "inset sills" -- the easiest
way to model is simply to remove the cast on sill, and fabricate
a new one from styrene, glued so it sits slightly in from the car
side. What you think are "gussets" are brackets that hold the
door track away from the car side. (Very common on box cars but
rarely modeled, even on resin cars.)

The doors were a 7+8 arrangement on the -35, -36, -38. The -41 had
8+8 combination doors, so the Front Range/Accurail model is correct
for this car (except for the side sill). I have a nice shot of a
-41 if you need it.

Strangely, the 1963 ORER lists the -41 as having a 9'10" wide door
opening, but if you check "Note 32" it says the cars have an 8'0"
wide "auxiliary flush door". Perhaps Tony can explain how SP came
up with 9'10" ... instead of 16'0" ?

Tim O'Connor

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