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Edward Dabler

I have one of the Ulrich War Emergency gon's lettered ATSF still running on
my layout. I bought it from a store in St. Louis sometime around 1955.
There's a hobo seated in one end of the car. He's been riding there for about as
long as I've owned the car. I guess the railroad police have never seen him.

Ed Dabler

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Ed & Garth,
I have one that runs on the Midwest Mod-U-Trak layout at Naperville. I
haven't heard any bad comments about it.
Rob Manley
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I had one of these which I picked up at a used table at some train show.
Yes, it was a nice kit, but very brittle. The zamak in mine must have
had some zinc in it. When I started to assemble the car, the sides broke
into several pieces.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

ed_mines wrote:
Ulrich made a kit for a die cast WWII emergency gon that built up into
a beautiful car. It must have been considered fantastic when it first
came out.

The kit included a lot of little pins to hold it together. I used
Ambroid cement.

The car had stamped drop ends which you can see from both sides -
something pretty unusual when the kit was first released.

I stripped of the original paint and lettered the car with decals.
Finding a small PRR Keystone wasn't easy but Walthers had a lot of

I think that model is as nice as any of the resin kits or the Tichy kit
for those cars.

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