Re: Who Produced the First Resin Kit in HO?

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

The earliest resin kits I am aware of were structure kits by Lytler & Lytler,
back in the '70s. They were several story commercial buildings of an ornate
design. Also made of a tough resin. I also believe some of the old Red
Ball/Wabash valley car kits were done in resin, but before Dennis? There were
also some early clear resin Autos and trucks, also from a tough resin.

CJ Riley

--- Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

On Feb 7, 2007, at 12:27 PM, gary laakso wrote:

I think William Clouster introduced resin in O scale, ages ago, at
least per Model Railroader. Who produced the first resin kit in HO?
The earliest ones I'm aware of were produced by Dennis Storzek, now of
Accurail. Dennis, who is on this list, may know if there were earlier

Richard Hendrickson

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