Re: HO Brass air hoses.

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Update on bulk purchases of HO brass air hoses from both Bowser or PSC.

Cal Scale (Bowser) #190-277 4/$2.95 (current standard packaging) @$0.75.

Bulk: 200 count minimum: $50.00, or @$0.25 per air hose. This bid is tentative, but probably doable.

The pricing is predicated on it being a "coat tail" order for other castings, and in this regard, the delivery time would be about anywhere up to several months.

BTW, the casting would be done in China, hence the long timetable.
Precision Scale (PSC) #3150 6/$2.25 (current standard packaging) @$0.38.

Bulk: 50 shots at @3.00/shot. Total: 600 air hoses@ $0.25. Total cost $150.00.
100 shots at @2.80
200 shots at @2.65

Conclusion: Although individual costs in bulk are comparable, Bowser has a lower minimum (200 for $50) than PSC (600 for $150).


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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