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Thanks Dennis.

Is the size of the series indicative of the number of cars
purchased? For example, were there 527 cars in this series in
1909 (or
whenever they got them from the Wisconsin Central)?

SOO, XM, Box, 108436-108962, 36'0", 6'0", 60000, 2
DS truss rod wood cars built 1908 - 1909
No. Earlier ORERs show 1,000 cars in the 108000-108999 series.
RRs, when only a few cars were left in a number series, showed only
lowest and highest numbers of the cars remaining, and that's
what happened in this case.

Richard Hendrickson
Thanks Richard

A follow up question, suggested by your answer: Does the span of the
series constitute a lower bound on the number of cars? For example,
could we have implied that at one time there were at LEAST 527 cars
in the series? (Or perhaps half that number, since it was common to
assign only even numbers to cars.)

Larry Ostresh

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