Re: Red Caboose X29 patch panels

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Jim: I can answer part of the question, RC retooled the early PRR X29 (good
for B&O M-26b). I am still at work so I don't have a car to measure the
height of the patch panels. They are already out, I have 11 decorated bodies
and 2 undecs I bought off Andy Carlson (No relation). Warning the kits are
expensive, $2 less than the RTR. Red Caboose's way to sell less kits.

I do know from looking at prototype photo's they were not all the same height
on the PRR.

Brian J Carlson

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 00:28:57 -0000, jim_mischke wrote

I understand Red Caboose is coming out with PRR X29 bodies with
patch panels.

- What is the height of the PRR patch panels? B&O's M-26 patch
panels were 15" high.

Red caboose produces three bodies, differing by rivet lines and
panel lap arrangemebts: (1) ARA standard (good for B&O M-26a) (2)
early PRR X29 (good for B&O M-26b) and (3) late PRR X29

- Which one of these three bodies has Red Caboose retooled with
patch panels??

Any insights would be appreciated.

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