Re: Suitable kits for SP B-50-38 or B-50-41?

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Kurt Laughlin wrote:
. . . I determined which roads had the most boxcars and proportioned my XM/XML/XME fleet accordingly. (As it turns out I need one SP 40-footer and one SP 50-footer.) I then looked at
the ORER recapitulation tables and saw which inside lengths were most common (50-6 in this case), then found which basic dimensions with that length were most common (50-6 x 9-4 x 10-6), and decided to get a car of that inside size. Sure, it ain't all about the inside, but it's _reasonable_ for my purposes.
That's fine, Kurt, but not my point: I was talking about interchangeability of MODELS.

. . . if I want to represent a 50-foot SP car in Beaver Falls, PA, a de-racked A-50-17 is as good as a B-50-36 is as good as a B-50-41.
No argument, just keep in mind that these three cars are NOT modeled the same way. If your only intention is to choose ONE of those classes, and model it, fine.

The B-50-35, 210556-211305, cars were listed as 50-6 x 9-4 x 10-5 in my book, so they didn't make the cut. I realize that from the outside these might not be distinguishable from others I chose . . .
Okay, I understand your criterion--weird as it seems; why care about that missing inch in height when externals are changing all over the map--and you are of course free to act on that idea if you really want to.

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