Re: Suitable kits for SP B-50-38 or B-50-41?

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

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From: Anthony Thompson

That's fine, Kurt, but not my point: I was talking about
interchangeability of MODELS.
Sure, that what I figured.

. . . if I want to represent a 50-foot SP car in Beaver Falls, PA, a
de-racked A-50-17 is as good as a B-50-36 is as good as a B-50-41.
No argument, just keep in mind that these three cars are NOT
modeled the same way. If your only intention is to choose ONE of those
classes, and model it, fine.
Yup, that's what I'm doing. I would not use the same kit to make an A-50-17, B-50-36, and B-50-41 any more than I would consider the Proto2000 Greenville GB a suitable kit for every 52-6 GB ever made.

Okay, I understand your criterion--weird as it seems; why
care about that missing inch in height when externals are changing all
over the map [?]
Simply because I had to draw the line somewhere. Like I said, I could've researched each type - for 30-odd roads and private owners - bought more books, posted more messages, scrutinized more photos, and grouped and sorted things by any number of factors, but in the end I doubt I would've come up with a significantly different roster, nor enjoyed the process any more. There's only so much hobby time and budget that researching - vice building and operating - warrants.


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